5 tips to help all of us take care of ourselves

We couldn’t let this month end without recognizing May as Mental Health Awareness Month! As much as we love real estate, it can get stressful from time to time. That’s why the goal of this list is to help you de-stress long before you get to one of our closing tables. 

While this advice is mostly geared toward our fellow real estate professionals, if you’re looking to buy or sell your next home, our top advice would be to work with the right REALTOR®. Trust us. Doing so can make all the difference.

Start your week off strong. Fightback against “a case of the Mondays” by giving yourself a short list of tasks to do for Monday morning. We’re emphasizing “short” because the aim is to provide actionable items that will push your productivity forward, not to give you one more thing to worry about.

Be sure to take time off to recharge. It’s almost vacation season, after all. But we’re not here to advocate only for long breaks in some faraway locale. Even taking 20 minutes between tasks or clients can help put that workday checklist into better perspective – especially when you’re being pulled in multiple directions. 

Let go of things you can’t control. Don’t be too hard on yourself for small obstacles and setbacks. Things happen, even when we’re trying our best, and that’s OK. There are many unknowns in real estate right now – like when and if interest rates will come down or how the NAR settlement will affect business going forward. Focus on the present and the things that need your attention right in front of you. 

Focus on a pursuit outside of work. Since the previous two tidbits are all about taking things off your plate, here’s one that will help you refocus some of your time. After all, concentrating on something outside the office is the definition of finding a work/life balance. So, take up a new hobby (or revisit an old one), spend some extra time connecting with family or friends or volunteer with a cause you’ve always wanted to support. It’ll be good for all involved. 

Keep trusting our teams to take care of your title work. This last one is a bit self-serving, but it’s true. Working with the right title company can make all the difference for everyone’s stress levels. When you choose us, our teams do what it takes to leave a lasting—and positive—impression because we care about your transactions as much as you do! 

Remember, we are always here for you – whether it’s to help you with a file or simply talk to you as a friend. Reach out anytime.

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