3 Ways to Win the Open House Game

It’s open house season once again! This traditional staple of the home selling process continues to prove its worth to sellers and REALTORS® alike. 

Whether you’ve been looking forward to this time all winter or need a push to make these events a must-attend occasion, we want to help you shine when the time comes. Here are three quick ways to make sure both you and your listing make the right impression.  

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. We’re not just talking about making sure you have the home cleaned and staged or even the right food and drink to serve. Make sure you’ve invited the neighbors, have balloons and signs ready and practice how you’ll greet everyone who comes through the door. We know most of you are naturals when it comes to small talk, but practicing a script or going through hypothetical conversations in your head beforehand won’t hurt.     

Do a sneak peek on social media. You’ve built up a digital following just for this moment. Be sure to promote the open house—and the home itself—on social media multiple times, but especially one last time a couple of days ahead of the event. Shoot a quick walkthrough on video, too. That video will not only drive people to your event but also serve as a standalone media spotlight of your listing. 

Spotlight the neighborhood, too. Make sure you’re ready to talk about the area’s schools and amenities. Your home may be the star of the show, but today’s buyers are just as interested in what’s around it, such as restaurants, family activities and even playgrounds/dog parks. If the surrounding community is known for something special, ignite the conversation with it.

Whether you connect with the right buyer at a great open house or through another avenue, you deserve a team of title and closing experts to bring your transaction all the way home. Thank you for continuing to count on our professionals to deliver for you! We’re here for you anytime. 

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