Associate Spotlight – Nicole Perry

Today’s spotlight focuses on Nicole Perry, an Escrow Officer at our Salmon, ID branch, who has been with Alliance Title since December 2023. Before starting her title career, Nicole worked in consumer lending, often assisting customers with HELOCs, so she has some familiarity with real estate. 

Nicole likes the fact that each day looks different in her job. “I haven’t had two days alike at work yet, and I think that’s what I enjoy most!” she says. “I love the fact that each file is unique and requires optimum attention to detail even if it appears to be a straightforward closing.”

Nicole loves spending time outdoors when she’s not working, especially during the summer months. Her hobbies include traveling, fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, stargazing and rock hunting. Nicole also enjoys getting involved by spending time volunteering with a weekly reading group at her daughter’s school and with her other extracurricular activities.

When asked who she admires most, Nicole quickly identifies her maternal grandmother, who immigrated to the United States at the age of 14 with a third-grade education and went on to pursue a career in nursing. She lived out her American Dream, which even included meeting President Richard Nixon and the Pope. “She became a nanny for the governor of California, taught herself English and went on to college to become an esteemed nurse,” Nicole says while recounting her grandmother’s story. “She was known for always singing to her patients while she worked. My grandmother was the proudest American I’ve known and taught us the value of working hard. She retired many years ago, and the hospital still has her picture displayed. I’ve never met another nurse or woman like her.”

Nicole shares an interesting talent of hers, “I believe I have a talent for reading people, which has helped me greatly in my career,” she says. Now that you have gotten to know Nicole a little more, give her a shout out on the Alliance Title Salmon Facebook page, and write them in on your next transaction. 

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