Community Spotlight – Bonners Ferry

At Alliance Title, we proudly celebrate the unique strengths and contributions of our branches, the vital heartbeat of our organization. With that in mind, we’re taking a closer look at the Bonners Ferry Branch, a team that embodies the ideals of personalized service and community engagement. Nestled in the heart of Bonners Ferry, this branch elevates the standard of title and escrow services in the area with a distinctively tailored approach.

With a collective experience of 47 years and one month, including the newly joined Sammy, the Bonners Ferry team is a balanced blend of seasoned professionals and fresh perspectives. Their smaller office is a strength that allows for a tight-knit, collaborative environment where everyone is in tune with their client’s needs to ensure a seamless experience. This customer-focused approach helps differentiate them and make them stand out in a field where personal touch truly matters. Services such as RON and 1031 Exchanges help further set them apart.

Community engagement and involvement are at the heart of this team. They actively support local initiatives like the Boundary County Fair, H.O.P.E. House, Boundary County Back to School Bash, Community Action Food Drive, and Badger Boosters—moreover, their engagement extends to prominent roles in local organizations as well. For instance, Sharlene serves as a board member for the Boundary Community Hospital and their active participation in Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce. This commitment to their community shows the care for the well-being of the people they serve.

The team’s spectrum of personal interests helps add another layer to their already diverse profile. As a licensed esthetician and the proud owner of Branson Beauty, Sammy brings a unique entrepreneurial spirit to the table. As a new homeowner, Becca has spent her summer truly transforming her house into a home, a journey that’s shared and resonates with many of their clients. And Sharlene, who enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, has an adventurous dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail upon retirement. 

The Bonners Ferry team’s dedication to their clients is palpable, and they cherish all the stories shared by their clients; These are stories of lives lived, and the respective journeys that led them to Boundary County in the first place. Their ultimate goal is for every client to leave feeling heard, understood and well cared for.
Now that you’ve gotten to know the Bonners Ferry branch better, give them a follow on Facebook and say hi? They’re more than happy to chat with you to showcase exactly why they’re the perfect partner to help handle your title and escrow needs!

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