4 easy ways to let your thankfulness shine this month

Gratitude transcends mere words; it’s an action that binds us with those who hold a special place in our lives. To help guide you, here is a cornucopia of ideas for you to practice an attitude of gratitude as we head toward the holiday meant to show how thankful we all are. 

Let your feelings be known. It may appear simple, yet when was the last occasion you publicly or personally recognized someone for their outstanding job performance? We’re referring to gestures such as a heartfelt handwritten thank-you note or sincere verbal appreciation—gestures that can stand out in a digital age inundated with emails, DMs, and instant messages.

Make time to interact with others. As we navigate through this hectic time of year, we could all use a break. Organize a coffee morning or an informal lunch for your team or customers to show your appreciation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal affair. The goal is to spend quality time and show them that they’re more than just business associates. Doing so provides a chance to relax and talk about things other than the daily grind of work. It will be good for morale and encourage bonding, all in the name of saying thank you.

Offer educational workshops. Your colleagues and customers often look up to you for your expertise and guidance. Therefore, offering free seminars or educational sessions on the latest market trends, home-staging techniques, or even financial literacy can be a great way to give back. Plus, holding such events not only shows gratitude, but can help you show off your expertise, and position you and your team as local thought leaders.

Share small tokens of appreciation. Think about the joy you get when you receive an unexpected gift from someone. It could be a book you think they might like, a living plant for their new home, or even a simple gift card to a local café. (Just be sure to be aware of compliance rules.) Be meaningful, over extravagant. You want something that says you appreciate the relationship and the trust that person has in you.

Being thankful is important all year long. It helps nurture relationships, foster loyalty and build a positive work environment. We appreciate all of you – and would love a referral or an online review of your favorite branch whenever you have the time this holiday season. Thank you for all you do and for trusting our teams with your title and closing work. 

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