5 reasons you should be working with a buyer’s agent

Let’s talk about the role of a buyer’s agent. This real estate professional does far more than show properties to prospective clients—they provide a holistic service that guides buyers through the intricate and often overwhelming process of purchasing a home.

The journey of buying or selling a home has its fair share of misconceptions, and perhaps one of the most misunderstood parts of it is what this person brings to the table for anyone looking for a home. Here are five reasons why picking a trusted REALTOR® as your buyer’s agent can elevate your home search.

No extra cost to the buyer: A startling statistic reveals that 62% of non-homeowners incorrectly assume that buyers are responsible for paying commission fees to their agents. In reality, it’s typically the seller who covers these costs, which means you can benefit from the expertise of a buyer’s agent without incurring any extra expense.

Negotiation expertise: The misconception that buyers are responsible for the negotiation process is also rampant. Thankfully, a buyer’s agent is trained to handle these negotiations on your behalf. They come with a wealth of market knowledge, understanding of property values and negotiation skills, ensuring you get the best possible deal without the stress of directly dealing with the seller.

Helps you save money: Contrary to the belief of 65% of people who think they can save money without a REALTOR® —a buyer’s agent often helps clients save money in the long run. They can recognize overpriced listings, recommend appropriate pricing based on comparable properties and often have insights into the motivations of sellers, which can be leveraged during negotiations.

This person interacts with the seller (or the seller’s agent): According to a recent survey, 24% of homeowners reported being taken aback by how little direct interaction they had with the seller during their purchasing process. A buyer’s agent acts as a buffer between the buyer and seller, ensuring that emotions don’t hinder the transaction. They handle communications, organize viewings and present offers, keeping the process smooth and professional.

It’s always good to have a friend on your side: A buyer’s agent takes on a variety of tasks for you, which include, but aren’t limited to, helping you understand the buying process, pointing out unnoticed faults and repair issues with properties, providing a list of reliable service providers (like inspectors or attorneys) and assisting in the complicated paperwork process.

The bottom line is that a buyer’s agent can be the key that unlocks your home dreams. On the other hand, not working with a buyer’s agent might be a sorely missed opportunity for a far more streamlined, efficient, and successful homebuying experience. These hardworking agents are just one of the many people involved in a successful transaction. All of us are here to help you get to the finish line. Here’s to all our great REALTOR® friends out there – thank you for all you do!

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