4 reasons a new construction home may be right for you

Buying a brand-new house can be a great alternative to purchasing an existing house. Naturally, both options have pros and cons, but most of the time, people don’t even consider a new construction build. Having all the facts about both options will allow you to make the best decision possible. Here are four reasons you should at least explore the possibility of a new build.

  1. Everything is new! Of course, this seems obvious, but it’s worth noting. When you buy an existing house, it may have been updated, but the odds are you’ll have to repair and replace things not long after moving in. With a new build, everything is brand new, from the roof to the appliances. This means things should be built to last, provided you upkeep everything. In addition, the indoor air quality should be pristine. 
  2. There are several financing options available. Whether you’re buying a new build from a developer or you bought a plot of land and had everything done from start to finish, there are a ton of options for financing the property. Banks love new construction for the same reason homeowners do. Everything is new and supposed to be in perfect working order. This makes getting a loan nice and easy. There are also loan options for the construction and the property together, if that’s what you’re considering.
  3. You can put your personal touch on everything. Building a new home allows you to have a say in everything from the layout to the color selections and anything in between. Even if you choose a builder-designed home, you’ll have a say on many finishing touches, such as paint and appliances. 
  4. Lower operating costs. Even if new construction options have a higher sales price  – which isn’t always true – it’s important to consider the added level of efficiency, peace of mind and lower maintenance costs that a new home will likely give you.

During your home search, it’s important to consider all of your options, including new construction homes. Don’t let myths discourage you from this option. We’ve highlighted four positives of buying a brand-new home, but there are many more. Reach out to a real estate professional today, and let’s talk about everything real estate.

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