3 Hot Design Trends for 2023

The new year is all about fresh starts and renewed opportunities. For many of us, this means a new home renovation task – or at least thinking about one. Here are three trends leading home designers say will be big in 2023. 

Personalizing the home office space. Now that WFH is part of our permanent lexicon, home workspaces are no longer an afterthought. Natural light and personal touch are becoming key. Partially open spaces, glass walls and windows are the names of the game here. 

Induction cooking. More and more homeowners are switching to this cooking method, which has many benefits, including speed and better heat control. Plus, more and more cookware is indeed induction-compatible than ever before. Bonus: an induction cooktop can be easier to keep clean!

Making spaces more soothing. Warmer colors, unique furnishings and other items that allow the homeowner or designer to showcase their style are back in as people transform their spaces to be more inviting to themselves and visitors alike.

On the flip side, these once-popular picks will continue to lose their luster: gray cabinets and open shelving are going away as home trends push toward the clutter-free and cozy vibe.

Whether you’re thinking of listing your home in 2023 or just wanting to know about the latest trends while dreaming about your next big project, we hope you keep this list handy. Let’s do great things together this year!

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