3 tips to help you thrive online

Do you remember when real estate marketing consisted of billboards, mailers, and word of mouth? While those can still be effective today, you will never survive in real estate without an online presence. According to a Search Engine Journal article, 97% of home buyers start the process with a Google search. 

This highlights an enormous opportunity for real estate professionals. The higher ranked you are on Google, the more traffic and, ultimately, clients you will end up getting. So how do you get your site at the top of a Google search? 

Here are a few ways to up your position on Google:

  • Have as many backlinks as you can to your website. Having other credible sites link to your site is crucial for Google to think you’re important. You can accomplish this by actively posting on other forums or blogs. Want to take it a step further? Reach out to other local businesses in your area and ask for them to put up a link to your site.
  • Post frequently. The more active you are, the more people will see your content and Google will reward you for this traffic with a higher placement. This is best accomplished by having a blog and responding to all comments made in response to your posts.
  • SEO-optimized writing. For every page of your website and every blog you post, you should be adding headlines and subheadings with relevant wording for the Google search criteria that you’re aiming to be at the top of.

Knowing how to top the page of your desired Google search will be an absolute game-changer for your real estate business. That way, when someone is searching for a real estate agent in your area, you’re among the first they will see. It can be helpful to do a search to see who is at the top of the page now and learn from what they are doing. 

There are so many helpful resources out there that can help you along the way. The internet is a one-stop marketing gold mine that can be done at a minimal cost if you put the time in and do it right.

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