5 apps to know this summer

Technology plays a huge role in making our lives easier and helping our teams provide the best customer experience possible. That’s why we wanted to talk about five apps we think our real estate professional friends should know about this summer. Hint: They are not all real-estate specific (on purpose).

Calendly: All of us in real estate know how important keeping an organized schedule is. With Calendly, you can send out a link for people to set up meetings with you. The software integrates with your preferred calendar and has tools for rescheduling or canceling. 

1Password: Email security is paramount in protecting your business from wire fraud. If you don’t already use one, now is the perfect time to get a password manager app to make remembering your strong passwords a breeze. 1Password is a single sign-in app with sharing capability when the need arises.     

TikTok: We’re serious. Gen-Z isn’t as young as you think and they’re already pushing into the housing market, especially in the Midwest. Being more active on this video-platform than everyone else in your market could pay off big very soon. Just make sure your content is engaging and relevant.    

BombBomb – BombBomb isn’t just another video app. It’s the perfect way to put your personal touch on emails and follow up messages. Recording can be done on your phone or from your computer, and it’s easy to do a second take if you need it.

Curb Hero: In-person open houses are coming back, but your old tactics don’t have to. When it comes to your open house sign in and follow-up, there’s definitely an app for that. We picked Curb Hero for this list because it’s free, but other options in this space include Spacio and OpenHomePro.   

We take pride in being the innovative team that is always ready to deliver a modern closing experience for you and your clients. We hope this list is helpful and already has you adding some of these great tools to your phone!

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