4 reasons Facebook is still important right now

The rise of social media platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok have revealed a recent importance of video focused marketing. While these platforms are a great tool to promote your listings and attract younger generations, it doesn’t mean that you should stop marketing on Facebook. It’s still the largest social media platform in the world – and likely around your community. With that in mind, here are four reasons why you should still include Facebook in your marketing strategy.

Facebook business

Whether you are a start-up, small agency or established household name, you’ll want to take advantage of Facebook’s business pages. Online business profiles make it easy to display basic information about your services and streamline customer questions through Messenger. You’ll also be able to upload consistent posts, use Polls and conduct live webinars to engage customers. These features are beneficial in informing new customers and managing your brand.

Great number of active users

Just hammering home the point we made in the introduction. With almost three billion monthly users and 90 million small businesses across the globe using Facebook, you won’t want to neglect this marketing tool. Not only is it a perfect opportunity for brand awareness, but also for advertising. In 2021, Facebook helped pull in over 100 billion in advertising revenue, mostly for small businesses like yours. With advertising, you’ll receive more visibility and boost traffic to your website. Establishing a balance between organic and sponsored content is a great way to promote your business to the large number of Facebook users.

Versatile content on one platform

Many social media tools focus on one primary means of content. Instagram’s niche is images and YouTube utilizes video, but Facebook maintains a versatile platform that allows you to share multiple types of content. This leaves a piece of appealing content for everyone.

Audience investment

Facebook remains the most popular social media network among users aged 35-44 and 70% of all adults still use the platform. This audience versatility will help you work with a wide range of clients. Additionally, Facebook Audience Insights allow you to learn more about your specific audience and create content accordingly. As you invest in your audience through Facebook, your audience will want to invest in you.
The bottom line? Other avenues may generate more buzz, but Facebook is still key when it comes to building your digital brand and making connections online. Along with these tips, Facebook’s audience can help your next marketing campaign succeed. Our team can’t wait to partner with you as you invest in new clients. Give us a follow or interact with our page today!

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