Not a Grinch in Sight – Holiday Home Safety Tips

The holidays are full of cheer and joy and love – and as a homeowner, you have to be sure your home is safely prepped for all the holiday updates!

From decorations to dinner parties, we’ve got the tips for you to here. Check them out below:

Lighting Safety

When you hang your lights on the tree or your home, be sure you’re checking each strand for broken bulbs, frayed wires, or broken sockets.

Be sure you double check that your extension cords are rated for the amount of load they will carry. They shouldn’t be warm to the touch.

Don’t use metal fasteners – like nails or tacks – when hanging your outdoor lights. In its place, use plastic clips, hooks, or cable staples.

Make sure you turn off your lights when leaving your home or going to bed.

Candle Safety

Christmas Day has almost three times as many candle fires! While candles offer a personal touch to your home, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the best safety practices.

Keep your candles away from flammable decorations and your Christmas tree. Do not leave candles unattended, and make sure they are firmly secured.

Ladder Safety

Ladders are incredibly useful when decorating your home, but they pose dangers.

Make sure all four legs are firmly on the ground, and do not stand on the top step or on the top of the ladder.

To prevent slipping, use ladder pads on the end of the extension ladder.

Be sure to not hang lights in close proximity to power lines, and do not attempt to throw lights into trees.

Bad Weather

Check your home’s seals – keep your gutters clean and seal any cracks along windows, walls, and doors.

If you have a chimney, be sure to clean it at least once per year. Clear the area around it before using, and be sure to soak the hot ashes in water. Do not burn cardboard or trash in your fireplace.

Holiday Travel

When leaving for the holidays, be sure to pause your mail or have a neighbor collect it. If you’re able to, install a security system or smart sensors on your water pipes.

Happy Holidays from the Alliance Title crew!

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