Nurture Client Relationships

With 75% of homebuyers choosing the first agent they interview*, it’s crucial to set a solid foundation of your business through various outlets. As an agent, you recognize that relationships are the key to unlocking leads with potential clients.

Peek at some essential client relationship stats:

  • 41% of homebuyers choose a real estate agent based on a recommendation from a friend, neighbor, etc.*
  • 76% of agents use Facebook for their work.*
  • Buyers who would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others: 91%**
  • Sellers who definitely would use the same agent again: 74%**

Another key relationship is with your title company – and we’re ready to help!
Reach out to your local Alliance Title office today.

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2 years ago

Do you have a postcard or?? That is just like thinking of you and if you or you know someone who might need assistance??

I got a call today from a nurse whom I worked with at bridge view who has property 240 E Hagerman Ave in Hagerman with one share of Big Sptings Water

Thank you for all you do!

Alisia Leyva
Alisia Leyva
2 years ago
Reply to  Faye

We do! Please reach out to your local Business Development Representative to learn how to receive one! http://www.alliancetitle.com/meet-our-bdrs