Real Estate Tip of the Week: Boost Your Agent Reputation

Before social media, buyers and sellers would mainly find their client by word of mouth – while that’s still something to work on, most of your clients will actually find you and base their decision off of how you are as an agent through your online presence.

So essentially, your online presence equals your reputation.

What does your reputation look like? Check out our tips below to help your overall look online.

Reach Out Through Different Platforms

Don’t just bog yourself down to Facebook or Instagram – create a blog! Showcasing your knowledge of the market and the recent homes you’ve helped sell will definitely demonstrate your expertise in the industry.

It also never hurts include posts about you personally; the more approachable you seem, the better!

Make Sure to Engage

Don’t create a social media page and leave it high and dry. If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to create more than one social media page, just stick to the platform you feel most comfortable with and work from there.

Set time aside each day to interact with your social media pages. Like posts, comment, and respond to other users.

Think about creating more visually engaging posts to your pages – videos with you giving information about the market, or of an open house, for instance!

Post to Your Audience

What do your future clients want to see? Be sure to focus on posts that are related to your brand. Highlight open houses, upcoming neighborhoods, new coffee shops around town, or parks in the community! You want to be seen and known as the expert of your specialized area, so be sure to showcase your knowledge!

You’ll also want to post who YOU are! Take the time to let your client base get to know you – why you’ve decided to be an agent, how long you’ve been in the industry, your favorite spots around town, or your pets!

For more real estate tips, stop by Alliance Title’s Blog.

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