Fall In Love with Your New Neighborhood

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing affection and appreciation towards your significant other – it’s also about making sure you choose the right neighborhood for you!

Okay, we might be reaching here, but roll with us.

When you’re ready to move, or purchase your first home, making sure you choose the right location is a top priority. You’ll want to make sure to check out the neighborhood – because, hey, neighborhoods can have some red flags too.

Test out the Commute

One major regret homeowner’s face: not running through daily errands or their commute to and from work. Nothing hurts like having to sit in the car for longer than you were expecting to.

Test out your commute on busy days and times (rush hour) and see how it feels. How long does it take you to get to the closest grocery store, etc.? What public transportation options are available in your area?

Make a Weekend Date of it

Explore the area during the weekend – explore the neighborhood during the morning, afternoon, and evening. Are there huge house parties taking place? Are people out and about on walks, jogs, etc.? Can you picture yourself there?

It’s a good idea to also sample any of the local coffee shops or restaurants nearby.

Look up School Districts

Whether or not you have kids, the quality of schools in a neighborhood is critical. A better school district usually means a higher home value – and if you’re a parent, you’ll want to make sure the school district is a reputable one, and that it is a good fit for your child.

Download an App

Apps such as CrimeReports can help provide information about crime within the location or address. Your friend becomes an FBI agent and searches for your date on the internet – why wouldn’t you do the same for your neighborhood?

Buying a home is an incredible accomplishment and a commitment, just like love. Be sure to do your thorough research on the home and neighborhood before you sign!

Want more real estate guides? Check out Alliance Title’s Blog!

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