Ski Town Purchases on the Rise

With traveling, comes great responsibility – at least, during the Covid pandemic.

Travel restrictions due to the pandemic have changed the way many of us view “vacations.” A recent survey from Realtor Magazine found that the search of homes in ski towns have jumped 36% annually in the 4th quarter of 2020, but why?

Most of these searches originate from households already in cold weather; staying closer to home – while taking a vacation – means searching for ski towns close by. And while ski towns are widely known for their snow activities, most of these areas are also open in the summer months, which makes it a year-round friendly resort town to purchase a home. ‘

So, ski towns = an outdoor activity that you can participate in that’s relatively safe with social distancing, an escape from your day-to-day routine, and an easily accessible location within driving distance, which makes it easy to follow travel protocols during the pandemic.

Seven of the top 10 ski towns seeing the biggest jumps in online views are located in the Northwest and Midwest.

Check out the following 10 ski towns that showed the biggest spike in online views for home purchases:

  1. Union Dale, Pennsylvania (Median list price: $185,000)
  2. Choteau, Montana (Median list price: $174,500)
  3. North Creek, New York (Median list price: $272,000)
  4. Eden, Utah (Median list price: $1,190,000)
  5. Windham, New York (Median list price: $692,000)
  6. Boone, Iowa (Median list price: $165,000)
  7. Otis, Massachusetts (Median list price: $402,000)
  8.  Lakeside, Montana (Median list price: $972,500)
  9. Paoli, Indiana (Median list price: $135,000)
  10. Boyne Falls, Michigan (Median list price: $321,700)

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