Earnest Money through EMTransfer

Practicing social distancing means practicing safety. At Alliance Title, we take pride in making sure our agents and clients are protected while they complete their home purchase.

98% of buyers use digital platforms*

– so it’s important to transform paperwork into “digital work”. Our online partner, EMTransfer, enables agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers, to securely document, collect, and disburse earnest money electronically – remotely!

Want to learn more about EMTransfer? Call your local Alliance branch today!

*NAR Realtor

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sharon aubuchon
3 years ago

how does my client use EMtransfer to send you earnest money for a sale

Alisia Leyva
Alisia Leyva
3 years ago

Hello, Sharon! Please email or call your local branch for more information. Check out the link here, http://www.alliancetitle.com/locations