Real Estate Tip of the Week: Productivity While Working from Home

A lot of us are still working from home – or are at least having some hybrid combination of being out in the field. But with COVID-19 still a major factor in how we operate in our daily life, it’s important to work within its boundaries.

It can be hard to consistently work from home; maybe you don’t have access to the same tools or networks that you had when you were in the office, or maybe you have extra distractions while you try and participate in a zoom meeting while in the kitchen. However you have it, working from home is a whole different ballgame! Here are our tips for you on how to stay active and productive during these weird times.

Never Stop Learning

Take the time to read articles on the current state of the market and in the neighborhoods and towns you work in. Your brokerage might still be holding continuing education courses through an online portal (zoom being one example), so be sure you’re staying relevant and are continuing your trainings.

Update Your Accounts

Have you been wanting to revamp your social networking sites, but just haven’t had the time? Here’s your opportunity! Update your social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. – and comment, like, tag, share posts you find relevant and interesting. This can also be a great way to reconnect with past clients and check in on how they’ve been doing.

Continue Networking – Just Virtually

Set up virtual calls with your coworkers, agents you admire and follow on social media platforms, and with potential (or current!) clients. Check out our previous real estate tip of the week article on how to prepare for those virtual meetings.

The quarantine won’t last forever, but until then, it’s best to keep yourself active and motivated to continue running your successful business. We’re all in this together!

For more real estate tips, check out Alliance Title’s Blog here.

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