Real Estate Tip of the Week: Social Media Guide

Blogs and experts throw it at you all the time: social media is king!  As an example, take a look at all of the articles we’ve posted for you on the subject!

But, social media only helps you so much – if you’re not engaging with your audience, then it is almost like your social media doesn’t even exist. While it’s important to receive likes, comments, and shares, it’s also important that you reciprocate and do the same.

For 2020, set a goal to create and sustain better social media engagement! Here are some quick tips to help plan you year:

Schedule the Time

To boost your business on social media, you’ll have to treat the time you spend on apps as though you’re on the clock. Set and schedule time each day to craft and post genuine responses.

If someone has left a comment on your post, respond! If someone has messaged you with a question or a comment, respond! If you see something you like that a fellow real estate agent has posted, reply or even share it to your own page!

Get Creative

Social media allows you to have fun and be creative – so why not use those filters, gifs, or stickers?

Instagram is a great social media platform to inspire creativity! They have “poll” features that can allow your followers to ask questions (i.e., “how are mortgage rates looking these days?”), you can go live when at an open house, or you can post a countdown to your Stories!

Don’t Always Promote Your Brand

Audiences will grow tired if you’re constantly advertising yourself to be their next real estate agent. You have to show them the why – and the best way to do that, is to show them who you are.

How can you do this?

Think about posting:

  • Behind-the-scenes (i.e., setting up an open house, grabbing lunch at a new restaurant, networking events)
  • A hobby you enjoy participating in (hiking, painting, cooking, etc.)
  • Your family, friends, or your cute doggy!

Engage, Engage, Engage

Don’t forget – the best way to improve your business social media game is to ENGAGE.

  • Comment on posts
  • Reply to comments / questions
  • Participate in conversations
  • Share articles / posts that are relevant to your market

Another tidbit to not forget: social media is FUN, so don’t forget to enjoy it too.

For more real estate tips and tricks, check out Alliance Title’s Blog.

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