Real Estate Tip of the Week: Upping Your Social Media Engagement

Question, tell me how you feel about using social media?

Social media engagement is important when it comes to creating a successful brand.

This should come as no surprise – social media is essential to your real estate business, and if you’re not utilizing what it has to offer, then you’re missing out on prime prospecting opportunities.

Through social media, you can meet potential clients, expand your listings, and showcase the services you have to offer. If 87% of marketers rank exposure for their business as the main benefit of their social media efforts, then you should download those apps and hop to it.

For the most part, social media can seem simple enough – post a picture, write a caption, submit – it has more to offer than meets the eye. That, and some of social media’s lingo can be a bit confusing to some.

Two of the most important vocabulary words to social media’s jargon: engagement and impressions.

What are they? Why do you need them? Check out our simple guide below.


To make this clearer – this is digital impressions. This number includes how many times you post, upload, tweet, etc. to your social media world. However, impressions don’t consider how many “clicks” you get.


No, not a wedding ring. Engagement is all about how many shares, comments, clicks, retweets, etc. you receive from what you’ve been posting.

How They Work

Essentially, the higher your impressions (the more your uploading, posting, etc.), the greater chance your content has to come across multitudes of consumer’s news feeds – which should hopefully lead to higher engagements.

What You Can Do

  1. For starters, use more video. Video is incredibly important on social media and can easily shift viewers into consumers.
  2. Images receive more comments than posts without images – so break out your camera. Think about posting sold properties, current listings, events you participate in that concern the industry, etc.
  3. Work on showcasing yourself! When a client is out “shopping” for a real estate agent, they want to know who you are. Share stories about yourself so you become approachable and relatable.
  4. Rule of Thirds from Hootsuite – when sharing content, a third should be about your business, a third for sharing ideas within the industry, and a third on your personal stuff / interactions.
  5. RESPOND. After you upload your content, don’t ignore any responses you might receive! Interact with comments and shares to prove you care about who you reach and who you can help in the real estate world.

Now get on out there and make those impressions!

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