The Three R’s of Owning a Home: Renovate, Remodel, Redesign

Being a homeowner means you’re the landlord of your own home – you fix anything that breaks AND you renovate anything that you believe needs to be updated.

A new survey conducted by LightStream found that 73% of homeowners plan to start remodeling this year, which is up 26% from last year. They also plan to spend more money on these projects as well – about 32% more than 2018.

The number one reason most are prepping for these renovations: personalization. The second runner up is to increase the value of their home. So it would seem most of these homeowners aren’t looking to sell anytime soon, but to actually create a space they love.

Which spaces are homeowners looking to renovate?

  • Outdoor spaces: 41%
  • Bathrooms: 37%
  • Kitchen: 31%
  • Home repair (windows, roof, etc.): 29%
  • Garage: 18%
  • Pool: 7%

And while 59% of homeowners stated they either plan to move out in more than 10 years – or never move – these renovations for personal taste make sense in the real estate world.

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