Real Estate Tip of the Week: Coaching on Persuasive Offer Letters

Sometimes placing an offer on your client’s dream home isn’t enough – they might be competing with other potential homeowners who are offering the same, if not more.

Instead of panicking and losing your cool – because, duh, you’re an amazing real estate agent – think about suggesting an offer letter for your client to write.

What is an offer letter?

This letter is written by the buyer and delivered to the seller. Essentially, it should help establish an emotional connection between seller and buyer – the buyer no longer becomes a “contractual party,” but instead, a person. A person with goals, dreams, and someone who will take great care of the home.

How to begin?

You’ll want to instruct your client on tailoring the letter to the seller and the home.

Connect – If your client writes about their connection to the home, how they felt when they walked through the front door, etc., it can give the seller a good idea as to how they’ll treat the house. Advise your client on why they want the house, not just how they want their offer accepted. What grabbed your buyer’s attention on the home? Compliment the home.

Use Emotion – Selling a home can be emotional! The sellers created life-long memories in this home, and they probably want to see someone move in that understands and appreciates the love of the house. Have your client explain their understanding of taking care of the home – maybe include special instances, like taking care of the already beautiful garden the previous homeowners took steady care of.

Write – Suggest your client write this letter by hand. It gives the letter a more personal touch than an email or printed letter, and it shows that your client is motivated and serious about their offer.

While these are just quick suggestions to share with your client, it can set your buyer’s offer above others. Selling a home means leaving behind memories – it can be hard for the seller to say goodbye. An offer letter might just help separate the pack of buyers and set your client above the rest.

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