Three’s a Crowd: Married Homeowners and Roommates

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…roommates.

New data from Trulia shows that in 2018, 280,000 U.S. households included married couples living with a roommate. This rate has doubled since 1995 – which is the first year this data was ever tracked.

Trulia’s research found that every $100,000 increase in the median metro home value equates to a .25% increase of married couples with roommates.

Where is this happening?

It looks like the west coast is playing a larger role in these living situations. Trulia claims that “In housing markets with the highest rates of married couples living with roommates, including Honolulu and Orange County, the share is between four and five times the national rate.”

So, while it’s exciting to be a newlywed and planning the adventure of marriage, a roommate might alleviate the burden of mortgage payments for homeowners.

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